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Here's to new beginnings

Happy Monday!

As you can see my blog is pretty empty at the moment so bare with me as I slowly get things moved over from my old blog onto my new one :) With this being my first post I figure I would let you know what is going on. I have blogged on and off since Dillon and I got married in 2011, I thought it would be a fun way to journal and share with family and friends what we were up to. However, I have been terrible at keeping up with it but now we are at a point in our lives where big things are happening, one of which was the birth of our daughter Aspyn and I want to document everything!

Aspyn was born in September so along with her came the holidays and along with the holidays came a whole ton of food...and if you know me I am a HUGE foodie, I. LOVE. FOOD. period. Not only do I have baby weight still on me but I have a food baby still inside of me. My whole life I have been on a weight roller coaster constantly losing then gaining. Before getting pregnant with Aspyn I was pretty happy with where I was health wise and I was doing good. I had an excellent health coach who told me not to diet but to create daily habits that help shape my health. She taught me it is a lifestyle change and when you think of it that way it isn't as daunting as when you tell yourself you have to diet, so she wasn't there to help me with starting a diet but to help create habits that will stick for a lifetime. She let me know that it was okay if I messed up and if I did, just start fresh the next day and keep going. That is exactly what I am wanting to share with others as well.

We just rang in the New Year and are working on resolutions we set for ourselves. This summer we are going to Hawaii and of course we want to be beach body ready so all of these things were urging us to get going and get back into shape. What better way to hold myself accountable than to put it out there for everyone to see lol. I'm hoping that by taking you all on this journey will motivate me to not give up and continue creating healthy habits. I hope to not only give you a glimpse into my life but to also share with you some recipes that I have incorporated into my life that help get me, as well as Dillon, through this journey.


I want to start off first by saying I am not in any way a professional at this or think I have a ton of knowledge on the subject and that I am totally just learning along with all of you. However, I have been through it multiple times and all I am simply wanting to do is share what I have learned through my experience and what has helped me.

To me the first step to making this change is recognizing and having the desire to do something different. The second step is finding your support system, I can't stress how important it is to have support while you are making your change it definitely makes all the difference. I have been blessed with a crazy supportive husband, parents and siblings who not only encourages me but is willing to do it along with me and help keep me on track. I also have to give a shout out to my friends and health coach LeMira who also support me and I know are there for me to pick me up when I need it. SO I want to put it out there that I will be more than happy to be the support system YOU need, just holler at me! besides, it just makes it funner when you have someone there supporting you :). Last but not least, step three is to DO IT, give it your all and if you make a mistake just start new tomorrow and keep going!

Above is my father, as you can see he is legit.... he is part of my support group as well as a mentor. He taught me that 80% of your result comes from nutrition and 20% from exercise. He teaches Health and Physical Education at Rocky Mountain Middle School in Heber and educates students on this exact thing while making it fun for them. Watching his transformation motivates me and reminds me that I can do it!

I am 5' 2 3/4" tall (yes the 3/4 makes a huge difference to us short girls...) and for my age and build an ideal weight would be 121-135 lbs so that is the range I am shooting for my goal weight. I know it is attainable because before I got pregnant I made it down to 138 lbs then I went up to my ultimate high of 178 lbs and that was my weight 4 months after giving birth. Today marks the start of week 2 of my health journey and we have been on a detox and since we have started I have lost 12 lbs. I obviously don't have my transformation before and after photo since I just started but I look forward to sharing it with you, in the meantime I'll share photos with you of when I was at my ideal weight and where I am wanting to be again.

I know this was a long first post so if you made it through the whole thing Thank you and congratulations lol I am excited to share my progress with you and feel free to share yours with me too! :)

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