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The Struggle is REEEALLL

Guys I have to share with you this video my sister shared with me from Youtube that describes my struggles DAILY! I never said changing the way you eat was going to be easy, in fact it is HARD...VERY HARD! I even question if it's going to be worth it and majority of the time it doesn't feel worth it at all!

Let me tell you where I am coming from....I am definitely an emotional/social eater. I eat when I am sad, mad, stressed, happy, anxious, and tired. You have heard of "social drinkers" well I am a "social eater" I will eat because everyone else is eating or because I feel like the best way to spend time with someone is by surrounding yourself by food you can chow on while spending time together because it aint no party if there is no food! Not only do I love food but my husband, my family and my friends love food it's like it was a requirement I set for myself when seeking out people in my life so there goes any support group I would need to be all fit and healthy. Luckily, they're now all going on this journey to create better habits with me :) I mean.... I have a desk job and all the time at work we ate and sat there...get togethers here and there so food is just EVERYWHERE and it's just madness.

Sometimes you have to find something that'll distract you from wanting to eat, keeping busy is a great way to do that. For some people like my sisters they find peace in hopping onto Pinterest and pinning a bunch of food they shouldn't eat, to them that somehow makes things bareable. For me it is doing meal prep or working on photo projects. Find yours, it'll help!

It takes time to get your body/mind in the right mindset to begin thinking that you eat for fuel but I'm not even going to try to live my life thinking that way because food definitely brings joy and that is okay! it's just making the right choices and having portion control. This is why I am finding healthier ways to make some of my favorite dishes :)

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