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Detox Detox Detox

I've had so many people ask what detox I was doing and would like more information on my eating plan and workouts so I thought I would share that information with you all today :) First of all, what is detoxing? detoxing is about "resting, cleansing and nourishing the body from the inside out." The goal is to eliminate toxins that are weighing you down and begin feeding your body with healthy nutrients. Its simply just trying to get your body and mind in a good place where you have energy and feel great! Not only can you detox your body but also detox the mind. I have found that when my body feels great my mind feels great.

The detox I am doing is a 6 week program where you start off with just protein and veggies and then slowly add in your fruits, legumes, grains etc. This detox when done correctly basically guarantees at least a 15-20 lb weight loss. Keep in mind that usually the weight that is lost in your first week is basically water weight and flushing the toxins out so you may not see your body fat percentage change but instead your measurements drop. That is just what we want, so DO NOT weigh yourself for at least the first 2 weeks. Technically you shouldn't weigh yourself the whole 6 weeks but I understand how tempting it can be so if you must you must but the goal for now is to focus on waist size.

Some of you may already be familiar with this type of detox which is great but for those of you who aren't, here ya go! Be sure that whatever week you are on you ONLY stick to what it says you can eat for that week until you reach a different week that allows you to add a new food group.

For the first 2 weeks:

Meats- you can ONLY eat the following: Chicken, Turkey, fish, canned tuna/sardines, eggs. NO red meat, dairy or pork.

- Women: 4-6 oz of meat each meal, if eating eggs: 1 egg, 2-3 egg whites

- Men: 6-8 oz of meat each meal, if eating eggs: 1 egg, 4-5 egg whites

Vegetables: You can eat all but potatoes (you can have wild yams, sweet potatoes). Lots of cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, Brussel sprouts, turnips, kale, watercress, avocado (not too much avocado) , tomatoes.

- Veggies are good, you can load up on veggies.

Nuts: All nuts, seeds but no peanuts yet (they're legumes) Chew almonds 40x = appetite suppressant (chew all over food at least 12 times). If you need help getting through those plain ol' nuts check out my candied almond recipe here you can candy just about any nut if you are struggling. It also helps if you are wanting something sweet.

Drinks: Drink at least 1 glass of water before meals. No soda; lots of filtered water with lemons, V8 juice, green tea, almond milk and protein drinks are good.

Let's talk about water real quick, it is very important to stay hydrated and drink lots of water (especially when you are working out and eating lots of protein). You should be drinking at least half your body weight in water so if you weigh 160 lbs you should be drinking at least 80 oz of water a day. What has helped me is making checkpoints throughout the day for example: I have a 32oz water bottle and I personally have to drink at least 82 oz of water a day so I pace myself so by 11 am I need to have drank 1 whole water bottle, then by 4 - 5pm I need to have drank another full bottle and then by the time I go to bed I should have drank almost half of my water bottle therefore, putting me at my 82 oz or a little more. So....drink up!

Weeks 3 & 4: Add all fruits. Eat lots of grapefruits & berries of all kinds. You can also add in organic/pure fruit juices, avoid commercial fruit juices.

Weeks 5 & 6: Add legumes (beans, peanuts, peas, soy edamame, soy milk & lentils)

Week 6: Add cereals, breads pasta, chips and tortillas. Add one whole grain every three days. Corn, brown rice, wheat etc.

The reason why we slowly introduce the food items on week 6 is to make it easier to pick up on any grain allergies you may have. I for one know that the foods in week 6 are what make me feel the worst. Breads and pastas tend to make me feel bloated and they make me feel icky (unfortunately) so those are items I want to cut back on in my diet. This is the purpose of this whole diet to begin with, is to pick up on any hidden allergies you may have to different foods so PAY ATTENTION to your body!

Points to remember!

- Daily supplements are encouraged for faster recovery when you are working out: I recommend Fish oil and multivitamins.

- DO NOT go hungry!! You should be eating every 2-3 hours. If you are full you will stay away from foods to avoid.

- Eat breakfast as a KING, lunch as a QUEEN & dinner as a pauper

- Snacks: carrots of any portable veggie like mini bell peppers, protein drinks & bars, rice crackers, mixed nuts, fruits etc.

- Have a support system, get family and friends to do it with you.

- Plan ahead so you don't get caught hungry!

- DO NOT weigh yourself, focus on waist size.

Hit me up if you have ANY questions or need me to clarify anything. I will be posting an example of what my day looks like foodwise throughout the week as well as workouts!

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