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The infamous Graham Cracker Cake

In celebration of Dillons birthday this week I thought I would share one of his ultimate favorite recipes. This is recipe is very special because Dillon only gets to partake of it once a year when it is his birthday and mostly that's because of me lol he would have me make it once a month if he could but I told him he can only have it on his birthday otherwise it'll lose its "specialness." When Dillon and I first started dating his mom texted me the week before his birthday and asked if I'd make his graham cracker cake for him, I agreed and ever since then I have done it for him!

First you want to mix up your pudding, make the pudding according to box directions BUT with 1/2 cup less milk than it calls for. Refrigerate the pudding for 15-20 min. Your pudding will probably be a little thicker than you are used to.

Next, grab a graham cracker and spoon a layer of pudding onto the graham cracker, about a 1/2 inch.

Place another graham cracker on top (Dillon wanted chocolate crackers as well so I ended up just alternating between chocolate and honey but I normally will use just honey :p) I then grab another graham cracker and spread pudding on it then place it on top of the sandwich I have already created.

Once I have used 3 crackers I will stand my triple decker graham cracker pudding sandwich up in my pan and continue to build the cake alternating between cracker and pudding.

Build your cake to the length you would like, remember to leave an inch or two on all sides of your cake to give you room to spread with cool whip, also build the cake outward so it isn't such a skinny cake. NO one likes a skinny cake :)

Once your cake is built take the extra pudding and cover the top and sides with the excess pudding filling in all of the cracks. It is probably smart if you purchase an extra box of pudding in case you tend to use too much pudding building your cake and don't have enough to either finish the cake or fill in the cracks.

Lastly, spread the cool whip over the whole cake. Cover and refrigerate. Now, this part is up to you but Dillon doesn't mind extra cool whip...I purchase 2 containers of cool whip. The first container I use to do a rough first covering of the cake because sometimes I pick up pudding while I am spreading the cool whip and it looks ugly to me. I will let this sit in the fridge a day or two and then right before we sing happy birthday I will cover the cake again with the other container of cool whip so it looks nice and clean.

Voila! now you have graham cracker cake. It has a light airy texture and because it had time to soak in all of the moisture it definitely has a cake like structure and sure is yummy!

Make this cake and give it a try, it is fool proof anyone cake make it!


Graham Cracker Cake


4 boxes instant sugar free chocolate pudding

1 (8 oz) Cool whip


4 pkgs. Graham Crackers


1. Mix up the pudding with 1/2 cup less milk than called for. Refrigerate 15 to 20 min.

2. Spread pudding on crackers at least a 1/2" thick and build out, sandwiching pudding and crackers together.

3. I build mine in a 9x13 pan but leave an inch or two on all sides to give me room to spread the cool whip on so the cake itself ends up being like an 8 x 11.

4. Spread pudding over top and sides to fill in all gaps etc.

5. Spread cool whip over top and sides. Cover and refrigerate.

6. Refrigerate at least 15 hrs. allowing moisture from pudding to be absorbed by graham crackers.

Can easily be made a day or two in advance, it tastes better when made a day or two in advance :)

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