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Aspyn's ear piercing

This past weekend was an exciting one for sure! Aspyn got her ears pierced, her first pair of pearl earrings :) Surprisingly, Dillon spearheaded the whole thing. I know I was wanting to get it done when she was little because it's less scary for her and I wanted to get it done before she found her ears and started pulling on them. She is getting older and Dillon started bringing up getting her ears pierced and I was actually the one getting cold feet. I look at her little ears and how sweet she looks as is and wasn't wanting to get them done and all these thoughts started to run through my mind. I began thinking that maybe we should wait until she is old enough to make her own decision to have them done or what if the piercings got infected and were painful and didn't heal well. Dillon finally just said, "Okay, as soon as she turns 6 months we are getting it done and that's that!" After speaking with a friend of mine who had her baby's ears pierced and making a few calls to jewelers and the pediatrician I decided to just go through with it.

We took her to a kiosk at the University Mall in Orem called Silver Loft and the lady who pierced her ears was fantastic. My mom and sister came along to support Aspyn and pick out her first pair of earrings. Silver Loft has 3 sizes for babies large, regular and mini. We decided to go with regular which is the perfect size and we chose a classic pair of pearls. All together it only cost $25 the piercing was free so we just paid for the earrings and the cleaning solution which was a great cost because other places we looked were going to charge like $75. Their minimum age to pierce ears is 4 months, everything there was sanitary and they used surgical steel earrings to help prevent any kind of allergic reaction and the lady took her time marking her ears before hand to be sure they were even and in the perfect spot she even had us double and triple check her markings.

Dillon held Aspyn and she was calm and still while all of our hearts were pounding because of the suspense. We gave the lady the GO and she fired the gun into her right ear and poor thing started to cry, she pierced the other one and after getting some loves from Dad she went to grandma and she made everything all better :) Aspyn was so brave and only cried for like 2 minutes and completely forgot what just happened. She was back to her smiley self and looks absolutely adorable.

Here are some pictures I took and a video my sister shot of the whole thing :)

It is now 2 days after she had her ears pierced and I am happy to report that the piercings are doing amazing, they are clean and there is no sign of any kind of infection or scabbing. She doesn't touch her ears and doesn't even know they are there!

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